My Wix Review is Wix Website Builder Any Good?

My Wix review + Tutorial on How to Make A Wix Website with the Wix Website Builder. Is Wix free? Yes Wix is free to utilize, check out here:”/>

What is Wix? Wix is a professional easy to use site builder tool with over 1000+ templates and easy to use drag and drop features.

Wix Review, The Advantages:
– EASY to utilize to construct your business sites, personal websites, and online stores
– Easy drag and drop site building tool
– GREAT DEAL OF professional stunning looking themes/templates

Wix Review, The Bad Things:
– Expense some cash if updating for more file space, your own domain, and more features for offering items online.
– Wix advertisement banner shows on top of your site

* If you use Wix and want to use your own domain, don’t purchase domain from them, it’s more costly. Buy domains from another place for cheaper, and then simply connect it to your Wix site. Have a look at My Domain Offers and register dot com domains for as low as $1 each:

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