Which is The Best Site Builder Tools ?

The ultimate review comparison of the top site building tools: Weebly vs Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress vs Blogger. I’m ranking these website building tools based on user-friendliness for people with zero or little technical knowledge in building a professional site.

You can try all of these website building tools for free and decide for yourself on which is best for your website needs.

# 1 Weebly (The Very Best Website Building Tool).
See my Weebly review video here: https://youtu.be/”/>https://youtu.be/Qt2DzsujPX4.
Easy to utilize drag and drop website builder, beautiful and professional design templates. Check out Weebly: https://mymarketingdeals.com/go/weebly/”/>https://mymarketingdeals.com/go/weebly/.

# 2 Wix (Great Weebly Alternative).
See my Wix review video here: https://youtu.be/”/>https://youtu.be/PcGG7eiosm0.
Easy to use drag and drop website builder, beautiful and professional design templates. Go to Wix https://wix.com.

# 3 WordPress.com.
Mostly for blogging and can’t do much modifications on free strategy. * This is not the same as wordpress.org, which is the open source CMS script. Visit at https://wordpress.com.

# 4 Blogger.com.
Primarily for blogging. Quick and easy. Very little templates to choose from. Nevertheless, you can include 3rd party themes and plugins which can be extremely powerful. Visit https://blogger.com.

# 5 SquareSpace (I do not like it!).
See my SquareSpace review video here: https://youtu.be/”/>https://youtu.be/c-Yyw_VeZRo.
I rather pick Weebly or Wix over SquareSpace any day!
Go to SquareSpace and you might be disappointed https://squarespace.com.

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